Friday, 18 November 2011

Crochet Playground

Found this on the Playscape's blog - its a really good blog and has so many interesting references to playground design and design in public spaces. 

There is also an good article here about another playground in Sydney:

The way they have managed to make the playground interactive is quite different from most of the other playgrounds Ive seen as they have used mechanical systems like wheels that alter the course of the water running through the space. 
Its interesting that the writer of the article is saying that he wishes playgrounds were this exciting when he was younger - It seems like maybe the health and safety laws that have made exciting play spaces like this one difficult to build might be loosening because it has been proven that children learn better by taking risks (sorry this is helpful for my dissertation too) 
I think maybe one of our next steps should be to research into Health and safety a bit to see what the BIG no's are in terms of materials.

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