Saturday, 19 November 2011

First hand research.

I was at the Sorrel foundation thing today and I was chatting to a year 10 girl called Nas who was really interested in science as well as art. I told her our idea for the digestive system project and she liked the fact that we would be explaining the more complex ideas in a physical way - so creating areas of texture that people could interact with - the Villi were something she was really excited about. She said it would be amazing if we could have see through plastic walls that looked like microscopic images and had food molecules within them. She also said that the colours of the different areas in the digestive system would be really beautiful if made on a large scale.

I asked her what she learns about the digestive system at school and her response was 'not much really'...?

I was also talking to Ian about our project some more and he seems really intrigued. He said we are welcome to use some time in the sessions to talk to the students about our ideas and see what sort of things they like/ dont like. Maybe we could arrange an interview with some of them after one of the sessions?

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